Fantasia 2000

Description:  In this update of Disney\'s masterpiece film mixture of animation and music, new interpretations of great works of music are presented. It begins with an abstract battle of light and darkness set to the music of Beethoveen\'s Fifth Symphony. Then we see the adventures of a Humpback Whale calf and his pod set to \"The Pines of Rome.\" Next is the humourous story of several lives in 1930\'s New York City, scored with \"Rhapsody in Blue.\" Following is a musical telling of the fairy tale, \"The Steadfast Tin Soldier\" set to Dmitri Shostakovich\'s Piano Concerto No. 2. Then a goofy Flamingo causes havoc in his flock with his yo-yo to the tune of the finale of \"Carnival of the Animals.\" This is followed by the classic sequence from the original film, \"The Sorcerer\'s Apprentice\" starring Mickey Mouse and followed by \"Pomp and Circumstance\" starring Donald Duck as a harried assistant to Noah on his Ark. Finally, we see the awesome tale of the life, death and renewal of a forest in a sequence ...

Version 1 Streamango 8829 views
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(896 votes)
Version 2 Streamango 962 views
  • Currently 93.00/100
(703 votes)
Version 3 OpenLoad 3828 views
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(73 votes)
Version 4 EStream 1915 views
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(732 votes)
Version 5 EStream 7338 views
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(593 votes)
Version 6 Vidzi 8353 views
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Version 7 Vidzi 3782 views
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